A few things have changed since the video made in 2009. The same basic principles apply: Queen Creek has too much employment land planned and would greatly beneift from converting some to residential. There are several places that can be done without harming the airport. Things that have changed since the 2009 video:

  • The Town and the Barney Family did a land trade moving the regional park to a new location between Signal Butte and Merrill, just north of the Barney Family Sports Complex. This new location is more ideally shaped, easier to plan, and will be more strategically located to benefit from all the recreational activity occuring at the Sports Complex.
  • Because of that move, the old park site needed to be changed to a new land plan other than regional park.
  • To do that, a Special Area Plan (SAP) process is adjusting that land plan by looking at the entire three square mile norther tier. Employment land is being reduced to be more consistent with market studies and Queen Creek's actual needs. The newly converted residential land will bring much needed capital to build roads and utilities necessary to make the remaining employment land viable.
  • Transportation planning is being updated to work with the new SAP plan and regional conditions that have changed since 2009. Accelerating construction of Meridian to create new access to the future SR24 (formerly 802) remains high priority.

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